Getting started

This Saw Kill Watershed Community Group is a community group with a mission to study, teach about, and protect the history, ecology, and culture of the Saw Kill watershed.

So far we have had an initial stakeholders meeting with farmers, scientists, historians, municipal leaders, and others interested in protecting what they love about the Saw Kill watershed. Since then we have broken into working groups (research, stewardship, and outreach) which have all met to determine what our priorities are moving forward. We will meet again as a larger group in the early Fall, take some actions as a group (outreach/stewardship events with research components?), and plan a public meeting for November/December.

It seems like our trajectory is pointing us toward a grand celebration of the 175th anniversary of a “conservation compact” between the then-owners of Montgomery Place and Blithewood (now owned by Historic Hudson Valley and Bard College, respectively) to remove mills from the Saw Kill for the protection of the beauty and ecology of the creek. This will line up swimmingly with a grand opening of the Bard Water Lab at the Bard Field Station (adjacent to the mouth of the Saw Kill).

Our group is looking to include all important stakeholders, so if there are community members/neighbors who might have an interest in the Saw Kill and its watershed, please let us know!


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