This website

The intention of this website is to store and share information about the Saw Kill Watershed. There is so much information about the Saw Kill but it is not all in the same place or easily accessible. Hopefully this site will help bring it all together in a logical, practical manner.

This website will house scientific/historical information and art from K-12 students, college and graduate students, educators, private/nonprofit/government researchers, historic sites/societies, and others.

The website might include existing information such as:

Environmental Information: maps, databases, water quality research, habitat assessments, biological research, etc.

Historical Information: primary and secondary sources, maps of historic sites, timelines of key dates/events, etc.

Cultural/social Information:photos and other art along the Saw Kill, organizations in the Saw Kill watershed, social science research, etc.

The website also might be used to keep the public informed/involved:

Events Calendar

Agendas/minutes and reports of the Saw Kill Watershed Forum itself

Public Comment areas

The website can be flexible and change with the needs of the group and the public.

Let us know what you’d like to see on the website!


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