Upcoming Website and Art

The Bard Water Lab (BWL) runs the Saw Kill water monitoring program that every watershed community member is welcome to join. Lately, we’ve been working on developing a new website for the lab that will make the monitoring data available to anyone who is interested. Planning a website, especially with a large database is quite the process!

We’re working with people from the Experimental Humanities department and IT at Bard in order to produce something more intriguing than a typical science website. The BWL prioritizes including the community in research, so we’ve been trying to think of ways to accomplish this through a website.

Observations are powerful when it comes to environmental research, so the website will feature a platform for the community to share their observations with each other and the Water Lab. People will be able to post pictures, comments, ideas, etc. on the new website that will help connect the community around the Saw Kill as well as contribute to the BWL’s research. Starting an online dialogue will hopefully make the watershed more interesting and accessible.

The website will also have art, because who doesn’t love art?! Below is an example of something I created for the Bard Water Lab.



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