STREAM WALK! 9/23 at Noon!

Dear Saw Kill friends and neighbors,

Please join us next Friday, September 23rd, from Noon to 4PM for the first Saw Kill Stream Walk! It should be a great time getting to know the first mile of our precious Saw Kill, and a fun time for all of us, for sure.

Please meet us at the “Community Garden parking lot” near the intersection of Blithewood Road and Bay Road on Bard’s campus. We’ll walk to the start of the official stream walk (near Bard Field station–no good parking down there). If you’re GPS-savvy here are the GPS coordinates of our start location: 42°01’06.1″N 73°54’43.7″W. Or see the image below!

Overview of the Activity: 
A “Stream Walk” is a scientific field assessment method that involves professional and citizen scientists assessing the health of a section of a stream based on visual criteria. This is done by walking along the edge of the stream or wading right down the middle. We’ll make observations, take measurements, and take notes–it’ll be fun! We’ll see waterfalls as well as plenty of cool plants and animals! (Just today we found many cool, friendly fish and insects in the water!). We gave ourselves 4 hours but it could be over in 2-3!

What to bring: 
A small backpack
A big water bottle
A snack (or 2)
A pencil/pen
Clothes/products for sun/bugs
Rubber boots (or wear our waders)
Socks for boots/waders
Camera (optional)
Binoculars (optional)
Tape measure (optional)

Looking forward to walking and exploring the Saw Kill together!
Tom, Sheila, Sheryl, and Laurie

Inline image 1

Saw Kill Aerial 2014 high.png

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