Electrofishing below the Annandale Dam

On Tuesday, two Saw Kill interns and a Bard student Office of Sustainability intern went electrofishing with the DEC. We donned our waders, with nets in hand, to look at what kind of fish diversity exists below the Annandale Dam.saw kill electrofish 1

The way electrofishing works is by a handheld probe in the water that delivers a small electrical current. This shocks the fish for about 5 seconds, allowing enough time for a net to scoop them up in to a bucket. The DEC is interested in looking at what kind of biodiversity exists in the Saw Kill, but were also particularly interested in the eel population. The dams and waterfalls along the Saw Kill make eel migration tough, but they still manage to make it, proved by the large eel we found close to the dam.


Along with the american eel, we found a mixture of native and non native fish such as a brown trout, white sucker, largemouth bass, cutlips, bluegill, rock bass, spiny cheak crawfish,redfin pickerals, black nosed dace, yellow bullhead, and tessellated darters. I had never seen most of the above mentioned fish before, and it was exciting to learn about them and see how diverse the Saw Kill is. Thanks to the DEC for including us in  a great afternoon!



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