SKWC People

The Saw Kill Watershed Community (SKWC) is made up of concerned citizens, College faculty/students/staff, farmers, scientists, fishermen, representatives from non-profits, and representatives from state and local governments. We have an Interim Leadership Team, four teams focused on our mission (Science, Stewardship, Education, and Municipal), several advisers from local agencies, and interns dedicated to the SKWC mission.

Interim Leadership Team
The interim leadership team secures funding, plans meetings, and coordinates projects.

Eli Dueker. Professor of Environmental and Urban Studies (EUS) and Biology at Bard College. Eli is a microbiologist focused on water quality in the Hudson River watershed. Eli was the lead author on the Hudson River Estuary Program grant application to get the SKWC started, a Hudson River Foundation grant to get the monitoring program started, and internal funding at Bard for SKWC-related work.

Karen Schneller-McDonald. Red Hook resident. Author of “Connecting the Drops: A citizens’ guide to protecting water resources” (Cornell University Press, 2015) and the companion website: Karen is the President of Hickory Creek Consulting LLC, where she is a wetland specialist and natural resources consultant. Karen’s local and professional expertise includes watershed monitoring, protection, and education.

Tom O’Dowd. Executive Administrator of Environmental and Urban Studies (EUS) at Bard. Tom is an environmental educator focused on the Hudson River watershed, serving the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, Teaching the Hudson Valley, and the Wallkill Valley Land Trust. At Bard Tom teaches the EUS practicum, organizes citizen science/stewardship projects, and coordinates the EUS internship program.

Carolyn Klocker. Senior Water Resource Educator at Cornell Cooperative Extension Dutchess County. Adjunct Instructor at Dutchess Community College. Carolyn’s experience studying, protection, and educating about local watersheds has been extremely useful in building the SKWC. Carolyn’s experience facilitating watershed group meetings throughout the area makes her a great facilitator for our SKWC meetings!

Sheila Buff. Milan resident. Author of eight national bestsellers in health and medicine. Sheila is a widely experienced freelance health writer specializing in consumer-oriented medicine, nutrition, and health. As a Saw Kill Watershed resident, the coordinator of SKWC’s predecessor Stream Alliance of Northern Dutchess (SAND), and expert wordsmith, Sheila is perfect as our media outreach person!

Team Leadership
The team leaders organize projects and communicate with the ILT and the full SKWC.

Science: Eli Dueker. Bard College.

Education: Karen Scnheller-McDonald. Hickory Creek Consulting.

Stewardship: Nate Nardi-Cyrus. Scenic Hudson.

Municipal: Anne Rubin. Red Hook CAC.

These are folks who have advised us in forming the SKWC, writing grants, running meetings, and starting our monitoring programs.

Ona Ferguson. Collaboration Building Institute, via HRNERR. Ona facilitated our first few stakeholder/planning meetings and put us on the right track.

Betsy Blair. HRNERR and NYS DEC.

Emily Vail. Hudson River Estuary Program.

Emily Hauser. Hudson River Estuary Program.

Maureen Cunningham. Hudson River Watershed Alliance.

Sarah Fernald. HRNERR.

Jen Epstein. Riverkeeper.

Dan Shapley. Riverkeeper.

Hudson River Foundation.

John Maddox. Vertical Lift Visuals. Drone Pilot. Helping us start our Saw Kill Imaging Project (SKIP).

Laurie Husted. Red Hook CAC and Bard College Office of Sustainability.

Dan Miller. Hudson River Estuary Program.

Students and Interns
Bard College students are helping to organize our efforts on-campus and off!

SKWC Education Intern: Clara Woolner.

SKWC Stewardship Intern: Olivia Williams

SKWC Science Intern: Sophie D’Anieri

SKWC Municipal Intern: Michael Callejo

Bard Water Lab Intern: Chris Hulbert