The Watershed

The Saw Kill Watershed covers an area of 22.0 square miles and drains directly into the Hudson River via the South Tivoli Bay. It is a subwatershed of the Hudson Direct Drainage system, which includes all direct drainages in the western part of Dutchess County. The watershed includes land in the towns of Red Hook, Milan, and Rhinebeck.

Source:, accessed 10/15/15


The Saw Kill watershed includes farmland.


The New York State DEC’s Nature Explorer database contains a complete list of the plant and animal species found in the state by county, including their conservation status. Dutchess county contains many rare species, including the Indiana Bat, Bald Eagle, and Bog Turtle. For a complete list of species, click here.

Hudsonia is currently monitoring American eels (Anguilla rostrata) and the invasive Chinese mitten crab (Eriocheir sinensis) on the Saw Kill.

Maps of the Watershed

GIS Map by Tom O'Dowd
Map by Tom O’Dowd


USGS Map of Saw Kill