Summertime along the Saw Kill

Our water monitoring program is year round, and in full swing this summer. If you haven’t gotten the chance to get up close to the Saw Kill with fellow community volunteers to collect samples and record observations, this summer is a great chance!

summer saw kill watershed community sampling

We are lucky our watershed is located in the beautiful Hudson Valley. Volunteer snapshots show off what a beautiful waterway we have, and why we’re so determined to protect it. Get out in the sunshine and in to your water way by becoming a volunteer in the water monitoring program. Our next sampling day is Friday, August 11th and we would love to see you there!

summer saw kill watershed community sampling 3

For more information and questions, contact Tierney (SKWC intern) at

summer saw kill watershed community sampling 2


Check out SKWC member’s recent article on water quality!

eli figure 4
Figure taken from Eli’s paper. This figure shows the microbial exchange among sediment, water and air.

Eli Dueker, SKWC member and Bard professor, recently published a paper on Challenges to Managing Microbial Fecal Pollution in CoastaEnvironments: Extra-Enteric Ecology and Microbial Exchange Among Water, Sediment, and Air.” . The paper adds complexity to traditional understanding of fecal indicator bacteria.   His research looks at fecal indicator bacteria, some of the same ones we monitor in our sampling program, and their interactions with both air and sediment as well as water. Improved water quality management would recognize the importance of these microbial exchanges, as well as microbial particle association and microbes length of environmental persistence.

We are excited to see such interesting research being done by a member of our community, as well as applicable to our ongoing efforts to improve our own sampling program.