Get Involved!

Monthly Meeting: We hold monthly community meetings.

Volunteering: Want to be a volunteer? Get in touch with the contacts listed below for any of the projects that you are interested in being a part of.

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1. Citizen Science water monitoring on the Saw Kill
• Collecting water samples for ongoing research on the status of the Saw Kill
• Contact: Eli Dueker;

2. Citizen Science American eel monitoring on the Saw Kill
• Helping the DEC monitor the eel populations on the Saw Kill (eel net/ladder options)

3. Streamwalk
• Help monitor the health of the Saw Kill through a visual assessment on foot!

4. Biomonitoring on the Saw Kill
• Helping the Red Hook middle school collect water samples to learn about invertebrates and water ecology [Note: this project is on hiatus but may be revived]

5. Grant Writing
• Helping write and research for grant-writing projects to get additional funding for research on the Saw Kill and the Saw Kill Watershed
• Contact: Eli Dueker;


1. Salamander migration monitoring
• Monitoring salamander populations by helping them move across roadways during their annual mating migration in springtime; mapping vernal pools found within the watershed
• Contact: Laurie Husted;

2. Trees for Tribs
• Planting trees from the DEC along the banks of the Saw Kill to prevent erosion and excessive runoff from fertilizer

3. Sustainable Trail Design
• Planning, building, and/or maintaining trails that allow access for science, education, and recretation!


1.A Day in the Life of the Hudson River
• Teaching Red Hook high school students how to assess water quality and ecosystem health
• Contact: Tierney Weymueller;

2. Streamwalk
• Help monitor the health of the Saw Kill through a visual assessment on foot!


1.Research municipal solutions to water quality problems
• Group meetings, contacting other municipal leaders, etc.