Get Involved

Monthly Meeting: We hold monthly community meetings which are typically held the third Wednesday of every month at the Elmendorph Inn in Red Hook, New York. To receive monthly reminders and updates of the meetings, please contact the SKWC team to get on our email list at: “”, or “like” and “follow” our Facebook page, “Saw Kill Watershed Community” by clicking here. We’re excited to see new and old faces!

Volunteering: Want to be a volunteer? Get in touch with the contacts listed below for any of the projects that you are interested in being a part of.

Click on each team name to learn more!12194930_1642744662681900_7485125620576713549_o


1. Citizen Science water monitoring on the Saw Kill
• Collecting water samples for ongoing research on the status of the Saw Kill
• Contact: Eli Dueker;

2. Citizen Science American eel monitoring on the Saw Kill
• Helping the DEC monitor the eel populations on the Saw Kill (eel net/ladder options)
Contact: Brianna Estrada;

3. Streamwalk
• Help monitor the health of the Saw Kill through a visual assessment on foot!
• Contact: Victoria Choy;

4. Biomonitoring on the Saw Kill
• Helping the Red Hook middle school collect water samples to learn about invertebrates and water ecology [Note: this project is on hiatus but may be revived]

5. Grant Writing
• Helping write and research for grant-writing projects to get additional funding for research on the Saw Kill and the Saw Kill Watershed
• Contact: Eli Dueker;


1. Salamander migration monitoring
• Monitoring salamander populations by helping them move across roadways during their annual mating migration in springtime; mapping vernal pools found within the watershed
• Contact: Laurie Husted;

2. Trees for Tribs
• Planting trees from the DEC along the banks of the Saw Kill to prevent erosion and excessive runoff from fertilizer

3. Sustainable Trail Design
• Planning, building, and/or maintaining trails that allow access for science, education, and recreation!


1.A Day in the Life of the Hudson River
• Teaching Red Hook high school students how to assess water quality and ecosystem health

2. Streamwalk
• Help monitor the health of the Saw Kill through a visual assessment on foot!
• Contact: Victoria Choy;


1.Research municipal solutions to water quality problems
• Group meetings, contacting other municipal leaders, etc.