Panda TV recorded the State of the Saw Kill Forum that we held on May 10, 2018. The full meeting can be viewed here.

A new GIS map of the Saw Kill Watershed (more GIS layers to be added):

Made by Tom O’Dowd


Students learn about the Saw Kill, the Hudson River, and how to assess the physical, chemical and biological aspects of a body of water in Day in the Life of the Hudson!

Images taken by Tom O’Dowd.

12109323_428398567348606_8677962979196655848_n 10996155_428398684015261_7356691273507784823_n 12107875_428398344015295_2022763911940388019_n 12144732_428398860681910_8389225761590237548_n
















Locals mark where they live within the Saw Kill watershed and surrounding areas!

Edited slightly to put Milan in the right place!

Monitoring Eel Migration on the Saw Kill 

Photos taken by Tom O’Dowd.


saw_kill DSCN1647 DSCN1646SawKill_Tom



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