Municipal Team’s Aim:

The Saw Kill Watershed has been the keystone for our vibrant agricultural and scenic environment. With our team, we hope to promote policies, plans, and decisions backed by sound science and logical evidence in order to protect our precious ecosystems and preserve the integrity of our town culture. We are also planning on enhancing communication between government officials, scientists, and residents.

Existing policies and projects SKWC is promoting:

  • Promote science- and evidence-based local decision making, policies, and plans.
  • As the watchdog arm of SKWC, identify watershed problems that need attention.
  • Serve as a liaison between the SKWC and the Town and villages of Red Hook.
  • Monitor the Community Preservation Project Plan and update if necessary.
  • Research on current land use practices in the Town of Red Hook.

New projects the SKWC is starting:

  • Establish a Municipal Team (for clear communication between residents, scientists, and municipal leaders).
  • Research guidelines and Best Management Practices(BMP) for watershed protection.
  • Educate government officials and the SKWC about what other communities are doing for watershed protection.