Team aim:

Our team goal is to involve the community in stewardship activities on the Saw Kill and in its watershed. Our Spring activities include eel monitoring, amphibian monitoring, and one tree planting. In the Fall we host a stream walk and help organize a tree planting, and are hoping to find more projects and ways for community members to get involved.

Existing stewardship activities SKWC is building on:

Tree plantings: Together, Scenic Hudson & Trees for Tributaries organize and coordinate tree plantings. One event occurs on the Saw Kill in the fall on a chosen site and trees are chosen based on their compatibility with the site.

Eel monitoring: The DEC organizes


American Eel Life Cycle Anguilla rostrata Published in Natural History Magazine: November 2009 Issue Photoshop and Illustrator ©2009 Melisa Beveridge

eel monitorings at 11 different creeks along the Hudson River. The SKWC participates at the mouth of the Saw Kill! To learn more about this project click here.
Amphibian monitoring: Annually, once temperatures rise to 40ºF or above, community members drive nearby amphibian crossing “hotspots.” As temperatures get warmer, the ice melts and amphibians cross the road. The goal of this project is to safely help them cross without the threat of danger from cars, and see the change in numbers overtime to better understand their numbers and behaviors. Please contact Laurie Husted at if you would like to participate in this activity! Here’s an article about amphibian crossings by our very own Karen Schneller-McDonald. To see photographs from this year’s “big night”, click here.

New stewardship activities SKWC is starting:

More tree-plantings: With help from Scenic Hudson & Trees for Tributaries (HREP) & others, we will be hosting a tree planting this Spring, and hope to make these events occur more often.

Stream Walks: We will be hosting stream walks to assess needs for stewardship.

Community clean-up: We will also be organizing community clean-up days, and will have more information on these in March!